Preface to the 3rd Edition of the Insurance Law

I supplemented the insufficient parts of the revised edition[2nd Edition] of the Insurance Law, and revised and supplemented the existing references by actively reflecting the newly published references. I also reflected meaningful and significant judgments among the judgments that were delivered after the revised edition.

The contents of the newly published third edition continue to be updated with much more fruitful and refreshing contents, with advanced correction and supplementation. As a practicing lawyer, I'm very happy to be able to have a spare time in my busy work and publish the third edition.

The author's life as a lawyer and a jurist is a continuation of the beauty that enjoys every moment of choice and creation, and the warmth seems to shine in it. It's still same even now that I'm writing this article.

I hope this book will help jurists, insurance-related practitioners, and many others who are interested in insurance contract law.

In the spring of 2019, Seocho-dong Attorney's office
Author lawyer, Yong Soo Lim

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