People extinguished by Thanos receive death insurance benefits?

Thanos from the planet Titan, who is proud of his mighty power! The villain who's slaughtered so many creatures in the universe and the greatest in the universe! He goes around the universe and repeats the act of killing only half of the species in the stars he's encountered, and he gets information about Infinity Stone.

He finally has the strongest ability by holding all six Infinity Stones in his hands. If you've collected all six stones and then snap your fingers, you can quickly destroy half of the life in the entire universe.

It actually happened in 'Infinity War'. 'Infinity War' ends with a scene in which Thanos, who has all six Infinity Stones, snaps his fingers once and destroys half of all universe life.

"Thanos"/source: Warner Bros. and Disney

People who have died in vain in such a shocking scene must be legally dead. So, among those who have been destroyed, can those who have been insured during their lifetime get insurance benefits? If you get insurance benefits, many insurance companies will go bankrupt, but you may be wondering if they will be eligible for insurance payments before that. 

Insurance products that guarantee death benefits are life insurance sold by life insurance companies and accidental death insurance that are sold in addition to life insurance, and accident insurance that is sold by non-life insurance companies. Here we need to look at the "death insurance" that pays for a pure meaning of death and the "accident insurance or accidental death insurance" that pays for an accidental death.

First of all, it may be a question of whether they are eligible for death insurance benefits. For policyholders, the process for receiving insurance is not that easy. Insurance companies may have guessed roughly that many of the insured would have died at the same time as Thanos' finger snap, but it is obvious that they won't be willing to pay the insurance benefits, arguing that the fact of death has not been demonstrated objectively.

Hulk and Black Widow

In case of life insurance you can receive death benefit if you prove only that the insured is dead. If there is a witness, it will be possible to prove the fact of death, but if the insured disappears like ashes in an instant without a witness, it's very difficult to prove it. In order to be recognized as a death, you have no choice but to get a declaration of presumed death('declared dead in absentia') from the court or the government office's death report(confirmation of death).

The 'death' as an event of death insurance benefit includes cases where a person is declared legally dead in absentia or the government office investigates whether the insured has died by Thanos' finger snap and notifies him of his death. Therefore, the bereaved families of people whose lives were not confirmed by witnesses will be able to receive death insurance benefits on if the insured is declared dead in absentia by a judge or reported dead by the government office.

Next, it may be a question of whether the insurance coverage for accidental injury death benefit or accidental death benefit is eligible. At this time, in order to get death insurance coverage, you must not only prove dead, but also prove that the insured has died due to 'injury' or 'accident' as defined in the terms and conditions. Here, 'injury' or 'accident' must be caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.

Doctor Strange

As mentioned earlier, although we can prove the fact of death by the court's declaration of death in absentia or reporting confirmation of death by the government office, it is not a matter of easy conclusion whether the death that occurred at the same time as Thanos' finger snap can be recognized as a death caused by injury or accident.

Their sudden disappearances and deaths caused by Thanos' finger snap can be considered to meet a requirement for violent, accidental event. Because no one except Thanos could not have predicted that the insured will die in a sudden accident.

Furthermore, it should be further examined whether it has met the requirement of a external event. 'External' means everything caused by exogenous factors, not inside the body, such as the disease or physical factors of the deceased. Insurance companies are likely to argue that there was nothing visible to see, and that it was not an external event or that the policyholder's side should prove to be an external event.

Captain America

However, it is reasonable to say that people who have been destroyed by Thanos were not killed by physical internal defects such as their diseases or physical factors, but were destroyed by Thanos' Infinity Stone, and that there is a causal connection with Thanos' finger snap and the death of the insured. As a result, I think that the insurance benefit for injury death or accidental death is also subject to payment.

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